Motorola S9 Fix

So I bought these really nice wireless bluetooth stereo headphones from Motorola back about a month ago. I opened the package while I was out and about and promptly made the huge mistake of just throwing out the packaging and reciept after making sure they work with my BlackBerry Curve. They are pretty sweet, and not too expensive for the convinience of being able to control volume up/down, track back/forward, initialize voice calling, and play/pause right from the touch of an ear peice.

The problem? They were broken and I didn’t even know it! That is until I started fiddling with them and hit the volume down button. I quickly found my volume at the lowest setting. Cool, nice feature, but wait, where’s the volume up button? I took them off and sure enough I was hitting the right button. Nothing is happening! Now they are stuck at the lowest volume setting and its the volume on the headset not on the phone.

So, I tossed them into a box for a while until I finally sat down and took out a handy soldering iron and started to strip a few wires and make some connections. I’m no electronics genious or anything, but I guessed right that black is always ground and found that the red wire is for the voice dial initialization. After accidentally ripping that wire out (no matter, since I planned to cut the activation strip off the earpiece so that this wouldn’t happen again) I found the yellow wire on my second attempt. The yellow wire was indeed the volume up!

I then soldered a hole right through the volume up and down connectors before remembering I cut out by accident. No worries, one day I’ll get around to repairing it and the connector is still there, so it will work.

Apparently this is a common issue with these headphones. Whether it just be sweat interfering and/or frying connections or, in my case, the circuit was just torn to bits when I got them. I didn’t check all the wires since I got it on my second try, but maybe I will later. Nonetheless, anyone that has these now has a partial pinout! Black is ground, red is voice, yellow is volume up. Comment with more if you’ve got them 😀

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  • Nephiel says:

    I’m finding the S9 too uncomfortable, so I’m going to try and replace the earbuds with good quality in-ear monitors, the kind of earphone I’m used to wear. Your partial pinout was helpful. The green wire is the audio signal.

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