If you are interested in hiring me, take a look below for examples of my work. Head over to the Downloads for more of my genius. Download a copy of my resume here too: in PDF, Word, OpenOffice, and Text formats.

Mary’s Creations

Mary’s Creations offers a variety of beautiful crafts ranging from recycled bottle flowers to delicious cakes. They service Weddings and Quinceañeras (“sweet 15” celebration). The site is currently in development, but most of the design work is complete. At the moment, the back-end is being setup to use Drupal.


Shadowpedia is the personal blog of programmer Alexander Guzman. The vector ambigram on the bottom roll of the scroll is not my work, but I integrated it into the overall style I created for the site. You can visit the live site at http://shadowpedia.info/.

NDK Registration System

Nan Desu Kan is an anime convention held annually in Denver. Previously, registrations for the con were only taken by snail mail. This project automated the registration process so that users could register online without the intervention of NDK staff members. The system allows users to register themselves and their guests, purchase merchandise, and make payments online. Staff have access to an administration system where members can be manually registered through mail ins and badges, discount codes, and merchandise can be added, edited, and removed. If you’d like to register for the con you can visit the live site at http://www.ndkdenver.org/register/.

RPG Sheet Repository

RPG Sheet Repository was created for a friend of mine and is not currently live.

OVA Character Sheet

OVA is a table top RPG game. This layout was created to match the style of a Dungeon’s & Dragons character sheet. I have not looked at it in IE. OVA Character Sheet was created for a friend of mine and is not currently live. This project is not currently compatible with all browsers.

World Editor

This application is Something I put together for a friend of mine who was having some issues with layout and JavaScript. It is a map editor for table top RPG games. It has only just been started and the only functionality at the moment is movable/resizable windows that can be toggled on and off and some basic layout. I have not looked at it in IE yet and it was never my intention to continue this project any further, but who knows what the future holds.


This is a vector image editor created in flash. It is not complete, because the client canceled the project. I maintain full rights to the complete source. Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing the code or contracting the project’s completion. What works: Rectangle Tool, Ellipse Tool, Selection Tool (partially), New Document, Copy, Cut, Paste, Changing Colors, Statusbar, Tooltips.


This is just a little application I threw together for a list of todo items. It contains a FriendlyDatetime class which allows many human readable date and time formats and outputs the same date and times in a very friendly way. It’s on hold for now, but eventually I may add some JavaScript and AJAX to it and get the layout working in IE. It’s also an example of the Debug class I use in all my projects.

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