Hi! I’m Kerry McCullough, a 30 year old web designer & developer, programmer, and just over all computer geek. I’m a wanna be writer, father of three, and a candlestick maker. OK, not that last one. I have an Associate Degree in Computer Information Systems and a year into a Bachelor Degree in Game & Simulation Programming.

I first started programming in the first grade with good ‘ol BASIC on the Apple IIe. I graduated up to QB and learned enough Assembly to fill in the areas where QB was lacking (mostly graphics programming). I was a heavy QB hobbyist for a long time, even as I learned VB 3, VB 5, and then VB6. I spent a lot of time working in VB 6—I consider myself quite the expert—before moving into C++ on the Windows platform. I even found time to learn HTML and JavaScript back when the web still looked like it was designed by a bunch of color blind kindergarteners. I later fell in love with PHP and I’ve been using it since. I taught myself C# in about an hour sufficiently to pass test-out exams for beginners and advanced courses, and taught myself Perl in a few days sufficiently enough to get the job. I worked as a C++ programmer with a game development company for a while and spent some time fiddling with C++ programming in Linux, but I eventually settled on mostly web design & development. I’m not a huge fan of Flash, but I know enough ActionScript to make a decent application. I’ve never learned Java, but once you know C you can pretty much read all C based languages, and I’ve been known to debug some Java code here and there when I’m asked to. I even spent some time learning Haskell, but it was just for fun and I can’t really think of any use I would have for it personally.

I have a lot of ideas for stories, but I don’t consider myself to be a very good writer. I try anyway, because I enjoy it. I write poetry on occasion, but those occasions are few and far between and initiated only by a heavy surge of inspiration. My favorite band is Pink Floyd and I mostly listen to classic rock, but I enjoy listening to just about any music, except mostly Country. I’m not a huge movie buff or anything, but I very much enjoy movies. Some of my favorites are Ray, Fight Club, The Matrix, Spirited Away, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, though not in any particular order and not necessarily at the top of my list.

If you are interested in hiring me take a look at my Portfolio page where you can download my resume and take a look at some examples of my fine work!

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