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Ubuntu 9.10 Installation – Sager NP7620

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

Sager NP7620 Laptop

I set this system up for a friend of mine. The laptop power supply is going bad and the Windows XP installation was riddled with malware. I had quite a few issues installing, since the power supply is dying and various devices will only work intermittently.


After trying to boot into the Ubuntu Live CD a few times and failing, because of the dying power brick, I came across a utility called UNetBootin. I used UNetBootin’s “frugal install” option to boot directly into the Ubuntu Live CD stored as an ISO on the solitary NTFS partition. I was able to install Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala alongside Windows XP. After transferring personal files between the partitions I decided to get rid of Windows entirely to make more room for personal files. Unfortunately, I ran into a roadblock with UNetBootin not wanting to run when installed on Ubuntu. I tried loading the ISO of the Ubuntu Live CD, other ISOs, and eventually got the actual physical CD to spin up in the CD-ROM. At which point I made the unfortunate decision to just reinstall Ubuntu from scratch off the CD. Of course, the installation failed about half way through and I was left with a system that only booted into a grub recovery shell with little to no options. It would seem grub didn’t even install all the way. Now what? Well, since I was able to boot from the Live CD (once out of every ten times I tried), I went ahead and sunk my teeth in.