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Ouroboros: 3

Friday, October 10th, 2008

This is one chapter of a short story. To start from the beginning of the story head over to Ouroboros: 1.

The light was too bright to see. It slowly dimmed to reveal beautiful, lush, green trees all around him. Ben stopped short as he noticed a gaping hole in front of him. There seemed to be someone in the hole, but his attention was grabbed by a voice heard in the distance.

He looked up to see an armchair in the clearing. The voices lingered closer as he examined the floral pattern on the chair from afar. The voice’s words were unintelligible and he looked down for a moment into the well.

There was a boy looking up at him with no facial features at all, save a mouth. The boy whispered, but the sound echoed through Ben’s mind: “Please…”

Suddenly the voices in the distance were close and clear as day. He heard the words “father” and “accident”. Ben jerked his head up to find his aunt sitting in the chair talking to someone. A shadowy figure sat on a couch next to her. He looked directly at Ben and as he finished “…but we don’t want to rule out any possibilities.”


Ouroboros: 2

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

This is one chapter of a short story. To start from the beginning of the story head over to Ouroboros: 1.

Ben plopped himself down on the bed from his upright position. He stared at the ceiling for answers. “Could it have been a dream?” He found it just about as difficult to believe that as he did that the experience was real. Having had the same dream for the past fifteen years, he was slow to accept the possibility, but what else could it have been. “Things like that just don’t happen in reality,” he thought. He made a mental note to discuss it with his therapist. The ordeal slipped from his mind entirely as he looked around.

His room was covered in obsolete movie posters from the theater that his mother worked at. There were model cars lined up on his dresser and a recently raided jar of mostly pennies setting on its side beside them. The room was well lit by the eastern morning sun through faded beige curtains. The bright sun revealed little in the small room, but papers strewn about the floor and a backpack leaning against a wall in the corner. Ben thought for a moment that the room looked pretty empty.

Everything in the house had a putrid yellow-beige color to it, but the color was deepened the closer you looked towards the ceiling. Ben’s father was quite the smoker, and the smell and look of the place had slowly taken a downward spiral since they moved in, but nobody ever noticed. There were streaks running down some walls in the living area where the nicotine had condensed together and dripped slower than the eye could perceive. Despite the appearance, the walls were dry to the touch.

Without thinking, Ben dragged his hands across the walls of the hallway on his way to the bathroom. He headed for the toilet, but did a double take at his image in the mirror. He spoke to himself “Darn, I got a pimple. I’m not supposed to get those yet!”

“Ben! Time for school!” His mom had to yell for him every morning, since he was typically a slow start to get out of bed. (more…)

Ouroboros: 1

Friday, August 15th, 2008

He awoke in a familiar sweat. That same dream again. Though there was something new that he couldn’t grasp in the fog of his early morning mind. “Oh well. It’ll come to me or it won’t,” he thought. A go with the flow attitude that he had adopted in most aspects of his life.

Ben didn’t believe in free will. His philosophy was that even if he made a conscious decision, it was the decision that he was always destined to make. Not that there was an explicit plan for his or any one’s life, but that all of his actions were governed by cause and effect. All of the thoughts in his brain were simply a larger overview of billions of atoms bouncing around like billiard balls in some universal game of pool. And like the elements of his imagined game, he and everyone and everything in the universe had a predetermined course and destination, reliant on simple causality.

When the dreams started, Ben thought right away that his unconscious mind was trying to tell him something. He had shared his experience of his repetitive nightmare with doctors and friends and family, but everyone had a different idea of what they meant. “Maybe it’ll come to me today,” he thought. (more…)

The Gravity Of Time Travel

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

The rules of time travel were decided upon by a panel of the best and brightest of the world. As it turns out, even our best efforts at safeguarding our journey into this, our newest frontier, were anything but hopeful. We never really stood a chance, and in the end we only managed to expedite the inevitable: the extinction of the human race. This is the story that was never written. (more…)