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Insecure Online Banking

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

I always choose a very good password, and I don’t forget my passwords, only which one I used. My passwords contain numbers, upper and lower case letters, and symbols. Every website I’ve ever had to use a password for has allowed me to create a password of my satisfaction, with one exception: banks. I’ve used online banking with two or three banks so far and both times my password has been stunted by either a maximum length requirement (even though the user name can be any length I choose) or doesn’t allow special characters.

What benefit could they possibly be gaining from disallowing me to choose a more secure password? Or maybe it’s just the programmers, but then the question becomes: Why on earth would they hire programmers dumb enough to limit the security of a client’s account? Then again, maybe it’s just me; perhaps I just have really bad choice in banks.

Is this some sort of bank conspiracy to make identity theft and theft of our funds easier? They would certainly have something to gain in the case that they offered some protection. Reminds me of the second Dragonheart movie where the guy gets paid by the townspeople to slay the dragon that is working with him.

I see insecurities like this in various different forms on all sorts of websites. Once I found a bug on a major retail site that let anyone view any and all invoices, which includes the customers’ personal information. I’ve sent e-mails to everyone in these companies I can get a hold of, complained in person, bounced up through the ranks over the phone, etc. All of this in an attempt to help these companies fix their issues and protect their customers’ (which may be you) information. I get the run around and they never fix the bugs.

I see this as a serious problem, and in this case I see absolutely no valid reason for the limitation of a user’s password. Don’t let this one go unfixed! Check if your bank has this issue, and if so, make them fix it!

New Site Layout

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

I’ve designed a new layout for the site finally. It’s funny how it can be so easy to come up with ideas for other people’s sites and so difficult when it comes to your own site. I’m just so picky and I wanted something that could serve both personal and professional purposes. Anyway, it’s done and it’s mostly integrated as a WordPress theme. I’ll just fix little problems as I see them, but I’m not too worried about it right now, because I am reading Pro Drupal Development Second Edition which is over 700 pages long. So, I will most likely be converting the theme over to Drupal soon. No reason to get too cozy with WordPress then right?

Once I learn Drupal pretty well I may be using it in all of my projects. The first theme I made for Drupal was certainly less complex than my first WordPress theme. If that says anything at all for Drupal then I’m all for it.

Note to self: write another story or an update to Ouroboros.