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Wince at the Moon

I wrote this shortly after the school shootings–Columbine among them–started making the news. I don’t know what those kids were thinking, but I felt a sense of identification with the extreme emotion and mind-cloudedness that I imagined they must have been feeling. I tried to convey that in this short poem from seen the eyes of a troubled fifteen year old, and written in the words of my eighteen year old self.

Its cold and its dark
I have nothing to say
It seems to get harder with each passing day
Explosions and murder
Black crows in flight
My daily injection of bitter delight

Deeper into the corner I crawl
Harder and harder, the rain seems to fall
Never again, I think I shall see
The sparkling child that I used to be
My bruises have healed, but my vengeance is green
In two weeks, and four days, I’ll be only sixteen

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