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A little foul language in this one. You were warned.

Why am I special, Why am I sad
Isn’t it expected; Everything I do should be bad
Why am I special, Why am I real
Why should anyone give a fuck what I feel
Why am I special, Why should I regret
Meeting all the hate and resentment I’ve met

Why am I special, Why shouldn’t they degrade me
They bitch and they moan, but they can’t even face me
Why am I special, Why should I have spoke
When I’m not as important as a light and a smoke
Why am I special, Why am I the red herring
Why can’t I just jump like the rest of these lemmings

Why am I special, Why should I cry
I’ll just let them eat me alive, and then die
But I’m tired of explaining myself to the world
I’m about to break out with my new flag unfurled
It’ll stand for a justice and liberty of the mind
Regardless of any inconsistencies they may find

Because I’ve got a son and my lady to live for
And I won’t let that falter for some coward and his whore
And why should I have to listen to their shit
What… They’ll get mad… Throw me out.. Throw a fit
And why should I give the others a chance
Only thing between them and up my ass, is my pants

All of this hassle is making me sick
I’m about to break out, and they can all suck my dick
They’ll all miss out on the love I contain
And I’ll casually point to the wounds I’ve sustained
I don’t have to deal with their bullshit and lies
They won’t put me down, I’ll end up on the rise

Why am I special, Why shouldn’t I die
Because of my wife, and my kid, and the gleam in my eye

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