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An untitled epiphany come to life.

I used to be a child, even to a child
Seldom ever seen by the larger of the race
They excluded me from everything and anything
Talked behind my back, and told me lies to my face

I’ll never understand it
How they seemed to take for granted
The innocence and Love that I had
And everything that made them mad
Made them want to treat me bad
But made me want to be a better dad

I used to be a child, then I grew up
Now I’m a screw-up
And I don’t like to do much
But if I don’t go through this phase
You know my mind’s going to waste
It just means that I can taste
The bitterness that’s filling this place

A bastard of hate and mistake
Others are caught in my wake
I can’t leave my life up to fate
I don’t want to have to wait
Everyone sees the warning signs
But no-one seems to act in time
It’s time that I made a stand
I’m now prepared to be a man

Now everything I’ve ever wanted is coming to life
I’m having a son with my beautiful wife
I don’t want to be what I constantly see
Feed me
Free me

But now I recognize the laws
Money talks and bullshit walks
So lick your lips and wipe your claws
The moral of the story is
Now listen close and live by this
I used to be a child, but now I’ve dropped my childish ways

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