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Poetic as Thee

This one is a little silly. I wrote it pretty quickly in honor of a Yahoo! Group I had found, called A Poem Place, for sharing poetry. First time I think I’ve ever used the word “o’er”. Funny I didn’t also use “e’er”.

I turn the dial, fetch my log
Feed the kittens, feed the dog
Cast the work upon my chair
Deep inhale the morning air
Read the words I once had laid
Now awake, my silence paid

Off I go, Off I hike
O’er hill, past the dike
On my way to knowledge hall
Ever long, Ever tall

Find a place, A Poem Place
A smile breaks across my face
Is it true? I read of you?
Can I share my story too?
A Poem Place I found for me
I wish to be poetic as thee

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