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Archive for August, 2008

Ouroboros: 1

Friday, August 15th, 2008

He awoke in a familiar sweat. That same dream again. Though there was something new that he couldn’t grasp in the fog of his early morning mind. “Oh well. It’ll come to me or it won’t,” he thought. A go with the flow attitude that he had adopted in most aspects of his life.

Ben didn’t believe in free will. His philosophy was that even if he made a conscious decision, it was the decision that he was always destined to make. Not that there was an explicit plan for his or any one’s life, but that all of his actions were governed by cause and effect. All of the thoughts in his brain were simply a larger overview of billions of atoms bouncing around like billiard balls in some universal game of pool. And like the elements of his imagined game, he and everyone and everything in the universe had a predetermined course and destination, reliant on simple causality.

When the dreams started, Ben thought right away that his unconscious mind was trying to tell him something. He had shared his experience of his repetitive nightmare with doctors and friends and family, but everyone had a different idea of what they meant. “Maybe it’ll come to me today,” he thought. (more…)