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WD TV Live Hub

June 23rd, 2011

I got my tax refund this year and went on a home theater system shopping spree. One of the things that I purchased was a WD TV Live Hub for serving up my collection of ripped DVD movies and TV series. I chose this device on a whim and without any research. I was tired and short just one piece to bring my home theater together. I probably could have bought or put together my own media center for around the same price and with much more flexibility. This is a review of that crappy device that I bought.
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Ubuntu 10.04 Installation – Gateway GT5432

June 22nd, 2011

Gateway GT5432
AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+
NVIDIA GEForce 6150SE (not in use)
Dual Acer x223w Monitors on Dual Head ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT
WMP54G Wireless Mini-PCI Card


Installed Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx. Created 2gb swap partition, 12gb root partition, and the rest went /home.

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September 26th, 2010

An untitled epiphany come to life.

I used to be a child, even to a child
Seldom ever seen by the larger of the race
They excluded me from everything and anything
Talked behind my back, and told me lies to my face

I’ll never understand it
How they seemed to take for granted
The innocence and Love that I had
And everything that made them mad
Made them want to treat me bad
But made me want to be a better dad

I used to be a child, then I grew up
Now I’m a screw-up
And I don’t like to do much
But if I don’t go through this phase
You know my mind’s going to waste
It just means that I can taste
The bitterness that’s filling this place

A bastard of hate and mistake
Others are caught in my wake
I can’t leave my life up to fate
I don’t want to have to wait
Everyone sees the warning signs
But no-one seems to act in time
It’s time that I made a stand
I’m now prepared to be a man

Now everything I’ve ever wanted is coming to life
I’m having a son with my beautiful wife
I don’t want to be what I constantly see
Feed me
Free me

But now I recognize the laws
Money talks and bullshit walks
So lick your lips and wipe your claws
The moral of the story is
Now listen close and live by this
I used to be a child, but now I’ve dropped my childish ways


September 26th, 2010

A little foul language in this one. You were warned.

Why am I special, Why am I sad
Isn’t it expected; Everything I do should be bad
Why am I special, Why am I real
Why should anyone give a fuck what I feel
Why am I special, Why should I regret
Meeting all the hate and resentment I’ve met

Why am I special, Why shouldn’t they degrade me
They bitch and they moan, but they can’t even face me
Why am I special, Why should I have spoke
When I’m not as important as a light and a smoke
Why am I special, Why am I the red herring
Why can’t I just jump like the rest of these lemmings

Why am I special, Why should I cry
I’ll just let them eat me alive, and then die
But I’m tired of explaining myself to the world
I’m about to break out with my new flag unfurled
It’ll stand for a justice and liberty of the mind
Regardless of any inconsistencies they may find

Because I’ve got a son and my lady to live for
And I won’t let that falter for some coward and his whore
And why should I have to listen to their shit
What… They’ll get mad… Throw me out.. Throw a fit
And why should I give the others a chance
Only thing between them and up my ass, is my pants

All of this hassle is making me sick
I’m about to break out, and they can all suck my dick
They’ll all miss out on the love I contain
And I’ll casually point to the wounds I’ve sustained
I don’t have to deal with their bullshit and lies
They won’t put me down, I’ll end up on the rise

Why am I special, Why shouldn’t I die
Because of my wife, and my kid, and the gleam in my eye

Not a Cloud in Sight

September 25th, 2010

Deep beneath my taught, burned skin
I reek of evil, wretched sin
Beating is the morning sun
That knows the wicked truth within

I’d thoughts of Love, I’d thoughts of pride
Now only thoughts of suicide
Burning is the rising sun
That knows the secrets that I hide

Not a cloud that I can see
This star exposed your fantasy
Beating is the evening sun
That knows of harsh reality

Found a new soul to begin?
Wet your lips and dig on in
Beating is the setting sun
‘Til another woeful day’s begun

In Bloom

September 25th, 2010

If my memory serves me correctly, this was written quite a few years before I had children of my own.

Little Tommy Littlefield
Who hides behind the cyan shield
Clings to fleshy walls inside
The symbol of his mother’s pride

Longer, longer, as it seems
On and on, the oil steams
“Is it over, is it done”
“Have I finally gained a son?”
Rambling on the father goes
Pacing through the lobby rows

Through the double doors we see
That underneath the canopy
Tommy surely did concede
Through the struggle he was freed
And as he slowly gained his sight
Tommy saw the silver light

Pig Me

September 25th, 2010

I believe here I was focusing on perspective on life in general, but more specifically, cosmologically speaking: “What\Who’s out there?”

My sphere withdrawing
From further winds, portraying the truth
But in truth, untrue and unknowing
A world within worlds
Ever changing
Ever confusing
Always contradictory

When and will the earth crack in half
And share it’s mysteries of mind-blowing proportion?
And at the final days
When one, many, or all of us
Must shed our misconceptions
And relieve the stubbornness
Which of us will keep the faith?

Poetic as Thee

September 25th, 2010

This one is a little silly. I wrote it pretty quickly in honor of a Yahoo! Group I had found, called A Poem Place, for sharing poetry. First time I think I’ve ever used the word “o’er”. Funny I didn’t also use “e’er”.

I turn the dial, fetch my log
Feed the kittens, feed the dog
Cast the work upon my chair
Deep inhale the morning air
Read the words I once had laid
Now awake, my silence paid

Off I go, Off I hike
O’er hill, past the dike
On my way to knowledge hall
Ever long, Ever tall

Find a place, A Poem Place
A smile breaks across my face
Is it true? I read of you?
Can I share my story too?
A Poem Place I found for me
I wish to be poetic as thee

Wince at the Moon

September 25th, 2010

I wrote this shortly after the school shootings–Columbine among them–started making the news. I don’t know what those kids were thinking, but I felt a sense of identification with the extreme emotion and mind-cloudedness that I imagined they must have been feeling. I tried to convey that in this short poem from seen the eyes of a troubled fifteen year old, and written in the words of my eighteen year old self.

Its cold and its dark
I have nothing to say
It seems to get harder with each passing day
Explosions and murder
Black crows in flight
My daily injection of bitter delight

Deeper into the corner I crawl
Harder and harder, the rain seems to fall
Never again, I think I shall see
The sparkling child that I used to be
My bruises have healed, but my vengeance is green
In two weeks, and four days, I’ll be only sixteen

The Mechanical Bird

September 25th, 2010

I wrote this while thinking about my home on the shore and a new life I could have outside of it. Seems a bit “jazz poetry reading” in retrospect.

Dare I open the door to the masses of Velcro tourists
Seeking only to scorn the venomous Black Widows
That hide and feast in my innards?

In darkness, loud
Death merely hides
Behind fluffy white clouds
And bright blue skies

Trapped beneath the sands of my home land
Waiting for disease to set in for the night
Conjuring dirty words
To scare the creators of this strange facade
From entering my hobbit hole
Cold, tranquil, home

I’ve reached the limits of my vine grabbing radius
Sinking deeper into a seemingly endless, five mile eternity

My wounds don’t heal
But rather seal with infinite complexity
Leaving no scab or scar behind
Deeper wounds beneath
Waiting to be resurrected by weakness and insecurity
Lurk unseen by my now naked eye

All that I’ve lost and feared
Drains into what’s left of this ill fated world
As angels carry me upon their bosom
To uncharted lives of kings and gods
Life now surely mapped out for me
As happy as fairy tales end

But where, oh where, will the Black Widows sleep?